Candy Dragons Adventures

"Why read your child a story, when you can make him a part of it?" Transport your child to Candyland, where the Color Dragons need help coloring the Earth, and defeating Mannie, the evil black dragon, whose only goal is to darken the world with his black fire. The Candyland Dragons brings storytelling apps to the future. Vivid animations, and immersive functionality will include your child in adventures with four loveable, colorful dragons. Children will love solving simple puzzles, collecting candy, and completing animations that will put them in charge of the progression of the story. Younger children will enjoy being read to, while older children's reading skills will be reinforced by the read-along narration. The Candyland Dragons is more than just a fun game.

Key Features

Increase your child's dexterity Teach color identification and developmentally crucial matching skills Kids will have a blast all while learning about bullying self-confidence and more!