Cheeky Chick

Cheeky chick is a game for users of all ages. Feed the hungry chick as much as you can by swiping the insects into its mouth and tap the eggs thrown from the nest by it to earn points. Swipe the insects flying around and creeping on the tree stems and branches into the chick's mouth to keep her calm. If there is a delay in feeding the chick, it will start throwing more and more eggs from the nest, which will increase the chance of losing lives for the player. Feeding her a red insect or grub will end the game. Similarly tapping a green egg (rotten egg) while it is falling will also end the game. Tapping any other falling egg earns the player points ... Red = 1000 points, turquoise = 750 points and pink = 500 points. Missing an egg will cost the player a "life" ... If a player loses 5 lives the game is over. The player's objective is to achieve the highest score possible. There are two modes as follows:- In the "Beginner" mode, each time the score reaches 25000, 50000, 75000 .. And additional multiples of 25,0

Key Features

Challenging Missions Pause Game control Leaderboard for high scores (Facebook) Music and Background Fun for any age group Village Destruction meter