Don't let the dogs bite the postman! Go Fetch is a lively, engaging game with 3-D graphics that features a postman and all the crazy antics he has to go through as he tries to run away from the neighbourhood dogs. The postman is calmly delivering the mail until he catches the attention of the neighborhood dogs, who start to chase him. The more he runs without the dogs catching up to him, the more points he collects! As the postman runs away from the dogs, he must run through a maze of obstacles and collect various stamps which earn him more points along the way. After he collects enough points, he can buy various powers to enable him to make his life easier while he is running through the obstacles and away from the dogs.

Key Features

Swipe up to jump Swipe down to slide Swipe left to turn left Swipe right to turn right Swipe right to move to the right Swipe left to move to the left