The App for Chocolate Lovers: Your Personality through Chocolate. We each know what our favorite chocolate is. What does that say about us? When we eat the same type of chocolate, time and time again, what is it trying to tell us? Why is our body craving for that one flavour? These questions can be answered with this Chocology App. What Sort of Chocolate do you Like? Do you prefer dark or light chocolate? Are their centres hard or soft, nutty, marshmallow, almond or peppermint …………..What does it reveal about your personality? Get to know your friends better by what chocolates they eat or set up your day with a chocolate and a chocolate affirmation – a chocantra. Taken from the highly successful books by Murray Langham; Chocolate Therapy: Dare to discover your inner center this App is a fun way to explore chocolate and your personality.

Key Features

For Chocolate Lovers