Category Wars

Unleash the competitor in you!! Are you as smart as your friends? are you sure?? are you really sure?? Don't you want to find out?? Can you think outside the box? especially under pressure? Introducing one of the most fun and addictive word puzzle game, featuring NO ADS! You'll have random letters per round. timed rounds, multiple games, multiple categories. Play with friends and people instantly all over the world or connect via Bluetooth or pass and play for local game. New friends can be made instantly with random opponent matchmaking Perfect for children and adults of all ages. Thrilling and addictive game with educational value. View your win/loss stats to find out how you stack up against your friends. In Category Wars the first letters are chosen by chance, you answer various category questions using the selected letter and all players have to find a word for each category in the round. Players will receive most points for the only right answer in a category, share points for the same answers and get no points if it is incorrect. If you finish all categories before the time runs out, you get the left over time as TIME BONUS.

Key Features

Unleash the competitor in you!!