Pigeon Traina

This App has been designed to allow racing pigeon owners the opportunity to monitor and accurately record their training flights. It is a valuable tool and guide, giving exact speed, distance and flying time as well as the option to record training notes/comments for each flight . All this important information can be saved and reviewed at any time. The App is both simple and practical.To use you simply just complete the following steps. From the main menu screen select MY LOFT and standing at your loft the GPS will automatically input the co-ordinates of your loft and you can save the data under your loft name. If you move your home address, you can simply change your loft co-ordinates and save again. It also allows you to manually put your loft co-ordinates in if needed. From the main menu select TRAINING and the add button to add training (if you already have training stored you can open and review it). The menu shows you the current date and time and you select add. Once you select add you type in the location of the training point, then press update. Once you hit update the app inputs the co-ordinates of the release point (again you can manually enter the training point co-ordinates).You then have a button saying START FLYING TIME. Once the birds are released at the training point you hit that button and the timer starts. This starts a stopwatch and of course goes until the birds return to the home loft and you hit END FLYING TIME. When you end the flying time it shows you the speed, distance and total flying time. Again you can manually enter the liberation and arrival times for the training birds. Once you have done that the notes are saved and you can review them at anytime.The other option from the main menu is the SETTINGS button where you can select speed (YPM or MPM) and language (English, German, Maltese, Italian, Chinese, Belgium French, Portuguese, Spanish.

Key Features