Web Design
We know the value of good web site design, cool graphics and creating a website that follows the trends. There is no point having a great design if it looks like it came from the 1990's! We pay a lot of attention to design and make sure our designers are constantly working to improve their knowledge and skill.

As the Internet grows and matures, so does the underlying code that defines how a website should look and how it should lay out changes. What was once a relatively simple task of using a WYSIWYG editor to create a website, now involves a certain amount of technical expertise in creating valid XHTML design. Agriya has dedicated staff to convert all your PSD's into XHTML and CSS.

Logo Design
A logo represents the brand of your business or website. Creating an appealing logo is not an easy business, but thats why Agriya has a team of graphic designers whose job it is to come up with fantastic logos for companies around the world.

Flyer Design
The traditional advertising method of distributing flyers is time tested and can produce good results. However, letting the office junior design your flyers is a sure way to throw your advertising budget down the drain. Agriya's highly experienced team of designers and marketers can work on creating a high impact flyer that will grab the viewers attention and encourage them to read your advertising message. Combining cutting edge graphics with the established rules of print design you will receive a top quality flyer design that will bring in more enquiries than if you were to get an inexperienced designer to create it.

Icon Design
Icons are used on websites to help assist users in identifying what a particular link or function might do. They greatly help the usability of the website and many icon designs have become standard to denote different functions, for example a padlock icon may denote a secure area. Although there are icons available on the Internet, many companies like to create a unique set of icons that represents their business online and to give a more custom feel to their website.

Brochure Design
Nearly all companies need to produce corporate brochures of some sort to give to their clients and how professional this looks is a reflection on your business. A brochure created by the company secretary can undo any business deal if it doesn't project the right image. Our team of designers have a long history in creating high impact brochures that delivers your corporate message in the right way. We will take care of the colours, style and layout and deliver a high quality brochure in PDF and Word format.

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