Ze-Port is an e-portfolio that provides effective alternative to the traditional paper based portfolios. It has been designed in such a way that all the users get direct and quick access to the information. The required reports are presented in appropriate format. Ze-Port provides separate "log in" for all users. The learners, assessors, IVs, programme managers, standards verifiers and support staff can communicate among themselves using the internal communication system. The system automatically completes many documents and generates report at all stages, saving a lot of time and ensures accuracy. If any user has forgotten to complete any step defined in the process the system will keep showing it on their information board prompting the user to complete it. However the system does not take decisions by itself but reflects the decisions taken in an appropriate format.

Key Features

Easy assesment Planning and recording Portfolio access to all relevant team members through their own log in Single window access to Standards Verifier fully auditable system with detail activity tracking Printable data Electronic transfer of data and reports from the system.